RS-800 Ultimate Enhancer

ServeOn – Premium Color Enhancing Solvent Borne Siloxane Sealer


RS800 brings out the maximum color enhancement of a substrate; is a durable, exceptionally long lasting, high performance penetrating sealer that cures with a natural matte finish. It provides exceptional coverage on porous substrates, has strong resistance to UV rays and efflorescence; fast drying and powerful bonding are more of exceptional properties of this enhancing sealer.

RS800 was designed for extremely porous substrates but is often used on denser materials/stone to achieve enhancing color effects. In addition to premium enhancing, RS800 prevents saltwater erosion, weatherproofs, protects, and preserves rock and masonry patios, pool copings, walls, walk ways, waterfalls, and other landscaping structures will resist many stains and make the removal of stains much easier.

For more information regarding this product, please download producer’s Data Sheet & Application Guidelines